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Since 1981 Tecnomec Borghi has specialised in automation for handling products in the various stages of the production and logistics cycle.

The company is established in the ceramic sector and also provides multiple solutions for many other production industries, customised and designed according to customer requirements, conveying its vast know-how to other markets, such as food, beverage, construction, packaging and logistics.

It offers customers a full service, from design to production, up to line testing. It also manufactures all the necessary accessories for correct product positioning, guaranteeing spare parts and after-sales service in Italy and abroad.

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Tecnomec Borghi is distinguished for its customised and tailor-made solutions for various types of production requirements.

Tecnomec Borghi products are of higher quality than others, in terms of materials and performance.

Customer-supplier collaboration is fundamental for new solutions to be created for the company to improve on the market.

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Automated handling systems for the ceramic industry

Tecnomec Borghi is internationally known in the ceramic sector as one of the best companies for designing and manufacturing lines with customised solutions. It specialises in handling lines for tiles and ceramic products, slabs, tableware and technical products.

The solutions consist of the following, depending on the required customisation:

  • Press output connection lines, loading and unloading dryer lines
  • Accessories, walkers and tangential brushes
  • Specific innovative and patented deburring systems
  • Systems for drying and eliminating liquids

Tecnomec Borghi products are internationally known for their excellent reliability in terms of:

  • Maximum energy efficiency: thanks to being inverter-controlled with start&stop systems for energy saving.
  • Long life: minimal wear of consumables (straps, belts, pulleys, shafts)
  • Optimised and simple maintenance: option of programming during production stops, via modular electrical panels for independent management with inclusion or exclusion

In addition, these systems are better value for money compared to installation of standard products available on the market.

Tecnomec Borghi is able to overcome the problem of restricted space available to clients with the help of “multi-level” curves and lines, developing projects on two levels where necessary. This delivers significant savings throughout the entire life of the product thanks to optimisation of space, lower consumption and quick routine maintenance.

Automated handling and cleaning systems for the food, beverage, building materials and logistics sectors

The automated handling and cleaning systems developed by Tecnomec Borghi in the ceramics industry can be used in any production sector, without distinction. If perfectly smooth transport is required, without wobbling, Tecnomec Borghi lines resolve the problem, such as the automated transport of marble slabs.

The company designs and manufactures specific innovative deburring systems, such as diamond scrapers, for many different materials, such as those used in the cosmetics industry. If, on the other hand, the main problem is cleaning the product, Tecnomec Borghi accessories can be customised according to the shape of the product itself, for every surface to be reached.

Like all Tecnomec Borghi products, other production industries can also benefit from the advantages offered:

  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Long lasting
  • Optimised and simple maintenance
  • Optimisation of the space available
  • Considerable savings compared to standard products