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CMP – Vertical slat compensator

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CMP – Vertical slat compensator

CMP – Vertical slat compensator.

The COMPENSER machine has been designed and built for the transport of tiles along a roller conveyor line, compensating for the flow by taking or releasing rows of tiles on the roller conveyor itself.

COMPENSER is modular in design, simple in operation and maintenance. The parts subject to wear are minimal and easy to replace.

The COMPENSER machine is composed of the following main groups:

  • Structure in painted sheet steel
  • Motorized mobile trolley group with tile file collection baskets
  • Motorized tile transport roller

Various versions are available according to the size of the tiles to be treated.

The main characteristics of the machine are:

  • Construction simplicity
  • High production efficiency
  • Details built with materials resistant to wear and tear over time
  • Adjustment speed for format change