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UFL – Tile flow adjuster

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UFL – Tile flow adjuster

UFL – Tile flow adjuster.

The UFL machine has been designed and built to form rows of tiles on a line of equal length and number of tiles that compose it. Therefore, it allows to supply the downstream line automatically with sets of rows of identical tiles without the need to stop the line.

UFL is modular in design, simple in operation and maintenance. The parts subject to wear are minimal and easily replaceable.

UFL is made up of:

  • N°2 groups of independent row forming belts
  • Group of tile guides
  • Under-belt group
  • Independent control panel (if installed)

Various versions are available based on the size of the tiles to be treated.

The main features of the machine are:

  • Construction simplicity
  • High production yield
  • Parts built with materials resistant to wear and over time
  • Adjustment speed for format change