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RUP/BM – Press output collector

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RUP/BM – Press output collector

The RUP/BM press collector has been designed and built for the transport of tiles leaving the press to automatically feed any machine located downstream of the press.

RUP/BM is modular in design, simple in operation and maintenance. The parts subject to wear are minimal and easy to replace.

The main parts of RUP/BM are:

– Retractable roller arm or pneumatic lifting arm

– Modular R/M tile tipper

– Group guides and deburring scrapers

– Upper and lower brush for cleaning the tiles

– Fixed transport roller

Various versions are available according to the format of the tiles to be treated.

The main characteristics of the machine are:

– Simplicity of construction

– High production efficiency

– Details built with materials resistant to wear and tear over time

– Adjustment speed for format change